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BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Bachelor, Undergraduate
Middlesex University

The programme provides a tremendous opportunity for students to develop a significant range of pen testing skills as well as investigation skills which are highly valued and sought-after by the international security and digital forensics sector. These skills include the ability to use digital tools to investigate incidents as well as a deep understanding of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics compliance.

By combining the key subject areas of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, the programme presents a hybrid learning scope, highlighting how to protect and prevent cybercrimes occurring in organisations and be compliant with regulations governing Cyber Security. Students will also get to understand how to detect and advise on cybercrimes that have occurred in organizations and be compliant with regulations governing Digital Forensics.

Graduates of the programme will be equipped with professional and employable skills and attributes such as:

  • Communication and behavioural competencies – the ability to work independently or as a member of team and recognise the different roles within a team.
  • Demonstrate personal professional development and management competencies – the ability to initiate, plan, schedule and monitor own work and manage own learning, and to make use of scholarly reviews and primary sources.

Course Highlights

  • Both fields of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics have grown in recent years, and their expansion is expected to continue considering technology is always in a state of flux. This degree satisfies emerging market requirements in the computer security field. The course provides the skills to understand the current condition of the industry besides the obvious advantage of standing out in the job market with technological proficiency.
  • The BSc Cyber Security and Digital Forensics is aimed at students who are interested in becoming proficient in the cyber security and digital forensics fields whilst focusing on a wide range of development skills and business oriented intelligent integrated solutions.
  • The course is offered as a three-year full-time programme.

What will you study on the BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics programme?

Core modules such as programming, networks, and IT security are covered in this course extensively. You will develop expert knowledge in the technological, ethical, regulatory and legal issues in this field, including security, encryption, operating systems and information systems.