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BSc (Hons) Information Technology and Business Information Systems

Direct entry to Year 3

Middlesex University
Info System

The programme provides a tremendous opportunity for students to build on their technical and critical thinking abilities, within a technology rich environment.

By combining the key subject areas of Information Technology (IT) and Business Information Systems, the programme presents a hybrid learning scope, highlighting how businesses embrace technology. Students will get to understand how IT systems can be used to support the activities of a wide range of organizations, keeping them both business oriented and technologically focused.

Graduates of the programme will be equipped with professional and employable skills and attributes such as:

  • technical computing skills;
  • business-oriented knowledge and awareness;
  • the ability to communicate effectively through a range of scenarios to different stakeholders;
  • the ability to participate in and manage projects;
  • and the ability to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams.