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BSc (Hons), Psychology with Counselling Skills

Middlesex University

This programme offers a solid grounding in modern psychology – a body of theoretical and practical knowledge concerning human behaviour and experiences. It combines a broad education in psychology with a specialist strand to develop counselling and interpersonal skills together with an understanding of the theory and practice of counselling.

Overview – Why Sign Up?

You will focus on the systems and theories that underpin both psychology and counselling, culminating in the submission of a portfolio of research and practical experience. The programme is specifically designed for those who wish to pursue a career where a detailed understanding and knowledge of human behaviour is essential and counselling skills are an important asset.

It is important to note that graduates of the programme will not be qualified to practice as either counsellors or psychologists, but they will be eligible and well-prepared to undertake specialised postgraduate training leading into these professions.

Psychology at Middlesex develops your skills with:

  • Placement opportunities
  • Psychophysiology labs
  • Coaching Practice
  • Counselling Simulations
  • Statistics workshops
  • Independent research under supervisor guidance

Course Highlights

  • It is the only course on the island that enables students to explore neuroscience through instruments and lab work.
  • The programme gives opportunities for placements in vetted institutions and with close supervision.
  • Mathematics is recommended.