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Business Management (BA Hons) with specialist pathways

Middlesex University

The programme is designed in a manner that assignments are built into your working practice, towards maximising impact on standards of teaching, leadership and management in education. All modules are based upon gaining knowledge of best practice through research and literature, implementing this and researching the effect or impact. Participants are encouraged to focus assignments on identified institutional and personal needs and to use practitioner action inquiry and reflective practice as a learning model.

Graduates of the programme gain professional skills and attributes such as:

  • Engagement with e-learning environments;
  • Recognising your professional insight and expertise;

Developing the skills and outlook of a practitioner-researcher

Overview – Why Sign Up?

The Business Management degree provides tremendous opportunities where students shall be equipped with both theoretical and practical exposures there by preparing them to join a highly professional, developed and advanced commercial environment.

This degree has long been recognised to be one of the key elements for generating managerial expertise within both the public sector and the private sector internationally. Interestingly, for students seeking to become successful entrepreneurs and working for third sector organisations, this Business Management degree shall allow them to do so via offering a variety of economic and social business skills from its broad career options.

Following the ongoing trend from the competitive business world and the top skills that employers are looking for within graduates, our programme has been built in such a way that it helps students to build on their critical thinking abilities and equip them to make sound decisions via evidence-based management. Supported by expert tutors who bring their long-term professional experience to their teaching practices, students shall be able to explore the key functions that underpin business success.

Graduates of the degree programme shall be equipped with the professional, employable and marketable skills and attributes such as:

  • Complex problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Critical writing skills
  • People Management skills and Coordination skills via working effectively in teams
  • Effective communication skills
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Basic Statistical skills
  • Technical computing skills
  • Business coupled with information skills

We offer exciting pathways that aim to provide students access to a range of career ambitions. After the first shared year of study, you can select your degree programme with one specialisation from:

Course Highlights

  • From the very first day of arrival, all new students from the Business School are formed into separate groups to participate in a variety of activities supported by student ambassadors or senior students. These activities such as team work and participation in quizzes allow students to get to know fellow students on their programme as well their programme coordinator, tutor and other staff in their subject area. A whole week induction aims to promote diversity among all local and international students. This week also allows the students to gain insights about their future academic and university life.
  • Students during their first year are exposed to different workshops in addition to their modules taught onto their programme. These workshops are conducted by a dedicated team from the Learning Resource Centre there by helping students to master good writing skills and research skills.
  • Students during different years of their study across the Business Programme are also given the opportunities to attend the workshops and job fair organised by the employability centre. From the very first year, students are taught to prepare and write good curriculum vitae and they are exposed to the job market and current trends. Students are also given the opportunity to voice out their career choice followed by a peer evaluation and a mentor.
  • Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 students across the Business School have several opportunities to take part in both local and international competitions supported and sponsored by our partners; local government authorities and reputed firms from the private sector.
  • Students across their programme are made to link theoretical underpinnings to real time scenarios via watching documentaries and recorded business reviews to gain better insights of the actual events taking place in the world of business. Case studies are also given for nearly all modules across all levels of study for students to undertake the role of managers and be exposed to the world of business.
  • Opportunities are granted to students to take their leadership roles during their very first year where students become part of students’ voice groups and therefore bring their opinion forward in regard to their academic issues as well as that of the campus facilities being offered to them.
  • Across the three levels of study under the BA (Hons) Business Management programme, students shall be introduced to the world of ethics and academic integrity there by leading them to become more responsible and ethical as the future citizens.