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LLB (Hons) Law with International Relations

Middlesex University

An LLB (Honours) Law from Middlesex University Mauritius is recognised by the legal professional bodies including the Mauritius Bar Association, the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority (solicitors) and the UK Bar Standards Board (barristers) as a Qualifying Law Degree that satisfies the first (or ‘academic’) stage of professional legal education and training. It additionally develops your understanding of the ethical, social, political, economic, cultural and historical contexts within which the law operates, as well as providing skills of legal analysis and an ability to evaluate legal systems and processes.

The LLB Law with International Relations combines the compulsory ‘Foundations of Legal Knowledge’, a requirement of the legal professional bodies to satisfy the first or academic stage of professional legal education, with optional modules that explore further specific areas of expertise within the law. The seven ‘Foundations of Legal Knowledge’ are: Public Law, the Law of Contract, Tort, EU Law, Criminal Law, Equity and Trusts, and Land Law. These form the core modules of your LLB as a Qualifying Law Degree. Additionally gain the specialist knowledge and understanding of law and international relations and the complexities therein, developing skills and equipping you with expertise to move towards professional and related practice in this area.

The course integrates extra-curricular activities within the programme. Legal practitioners and academics will support you in developing specialist skills such as mooting and mediation and you will have the opportunity to take part in formal mooting and mediation competitions nationally and internationally. Our LLB Law with International Relations graduates are experienced and skilled in the practicalities of everyday professional practice, indispensable for both the legal and non-legal graduate workplace.