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LLM Commercial Law

Middlesex University

You will deepen and broaden your knowledge of law as an academic subject, acquiring a systematic understanding of legal processes, methods and concepts of the social and political context in which legal processes take place and of appropriate theoretical conceptions of law.

Ultimately, by maximising your academic potential and refining your problem-solving skills in a transnational context through the acquisition of a systematic and critical understanding of complex legal, economic, cultural, ethical and political issues informing international trade relations and transnational business, you will enhance your professional development and horizons.

The research and writing skills you gain will be transferable to a variety of professional sectors, such as the legal profession, policymaking, the corporate sector, government bodies or academia.

In the School of Law at Middlesex University, we have assembled a team of globally respected academics who provide not only insight and practical direction but also access to a considerable network of contacts and connections, notably for internship opportunities within international and domestic organisations.