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MSc Computer Networks and Network Design

Middlesex University

The programme enables students to engineer new networking technologies, thus shaping the future of the industry. You will learn how to model, monitor and analyse networks, and simulate performance and availability for optimum usage. More generally, the degree looks at network design and construction, programming and operating systems, network troubleshooting and security of networks in a business environment. In addition to the expertise you build up in the subject, the course will improve your mathematical, problem solving, teamwork, communication, time management and critical thinking skills.

Because we consider practical work to be an important part of every module, our laboratories are equipped with the latest industry-standard software, including Wireshark, MATLAB, Simulink, OMNeT++, Openstack, Syslog and Cisco technology such as Packet Tracer, Hadoop and Windows Azure platform. While studying for this qualification you will also work Cisco hardware, considered the gold standard in the industry. There are also PCs, internetworking units such as hubs, switches, routers and servers, and operating systems including Microsoft Windows, and various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora and Kali.